About FoCUS

FoCUS (Fellowship of College and University Students) is the undergraduate student ministry at First Pres. We have students from all over the Bay Area, but are comprised of mostly Cal students. We are a diverse group; what brings us together is our desire to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus. We meet on Wednesday nights as a large group, and throughout the week in small groups and triplets. 

The mission of FoCUS is simple: "Help students love God, love others, and help others love God." We do this by offering the welcome of Christ, teaching the word of Christ, and equipping them to see Christ at work in the world.

Offering the Welcome of Christ

We believe that belonging often precedes believing, and that the welcome of Christ in a new community can be definitive. We actively call people into our community throughout the year. We extend an invitation to a wide diversity of students; all people are welcomed, no matter their past, their present, or their potential. Once students are welcomed, we follow up, making sure they know the care and grace of Christ.

Teaching the Word of Christ

We think that Jesus and his word are worthy of our sustained attention and pursuit, and that the Christian faith is as intellectually and imaginatively engaging as any course of study. We take seriously our commitment to study and know the Scriptures. We continually offer thoughtful presentation of the gospel through the words of Scripture, preaching, small groups, and discipleship. 

Equipping Students to See Christ at Work in the World

We believe that Christ is Lord of the marketplace, and that Jesus is already at work in the world and in students' lives. We believe that our staff is called to equip students, not to do ministry for them; we hope to show students how they can serve God in the world. The final trajectory goes beyond our community—we seek to send students out into the world, equipped to follow Christ in every walk of life. 

Want to know more? Contact Ryan Pemberton at (510) 848-6252 ext. 264 or ryanp@fpcberkeley.org.