Update Your Automatic Offering Withdrawal

If you have an automatic offering withdrawal set up through First Pres, you can use this form to update the amount(s) and frequency. Please note: If you are changing the bank account on file or signing up for automatic withdrawal for the first time, do not use this form. Please fill out the Automatic Offering Enrollment Form on the back of  a pledge card and return it to the Business Office with a voided check. Questions? Please contact Sharon Gowdy, Executive Assistant, at (510) 280-6143 or sharong@fpcberkeley.org, or Kristen Engle, Bookkeeper, at (510) 280-6138 or kristene@fpcberkeley.org.
First Name:
Last Name:
Please change my existing bank account withdrawal to the amount(s) listed below:
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I would like this gift to be deducted:

I would like this update to take effect:

Specify starting date if desired (minimum of one week from date of submission):  
Please check the box below to authorize this update:
I authorize First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley to deduct my offering as stated above. This authorization will remain in effect until First Pres has received written notification from me of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford First Pres and the banks a reasonable opportunity to act on it.