Community Groups

Fall 2017 | "Life Together"

Community Groups

We grow best in intentional community. Community Groups are just that—communities of six to twelve adults who gather throughout the week on campus or in the home of a group member to dwell in God’s story, share one another’s stories, and explore their connections.

This fall, join adults from your neighborhood or life stage to experience “Life Together.”

Each week, we’ll explore and practice this messy and beautiful thing called Christian community as we encounter the first Christian communities in the book of Acts and converse with an underground Christian community within Nazi Germany in Bonhoeffer’s Life Together.

Date Theme Scripture Reading Life Together
Week 1
Beginning September 24

You will be my witnesses...
Acts 1:1–12, 2:1–24, 32–47
Christ's Promises
(pp. 7–13)
(pp. 17–26)
Week 2
Beginning October 1 Jerusalem
Acts 4:32–5:11
Ananias and Sapphira
(pp. 27–39)
Week 3
Beginning October 8 Jerusalem
Acts 3:1–21, 4:1–22
Peter and John Heal a Crippled Man
"The Day with Others"
(pp. 40–57)
Week 4
Beginning October 15 Jerusalem Acts 6:1–7
Seven Chosen to Serve
"The Day with Others"
(pp. 57–75)
Week 5
Beginning October 22 Jerusalem
Acts 6:8–8:1
Stephen's Arrest
"The Day Alone"
(pp. 76–89)
Week 6
Beginning October 29 Judea and Samaria Acts 8:1–8, 25–40
Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
(pp. 90–103)
Week 7
Beginning November 5 Judea and Samaria
Acts 9:1–31
Saul's Conversion
(pp. 103–109)
Week 8
Beginning November 12 the ends of the earth Acts 10:1–11:18 
Peter and Cornelius
"Confession and Communion"
(pp. 110–122)

Want to participate?

  • Beginning August 30, visit our Community Groups Directory to find and join an open group. Group registration closes September 17.
  • Register your existing group by contacting Michelle Vecchio-Lyzenga, Director for Community Life, at

Interested in hosting or facilitating a group?

  • Join us August 27 to connect with others wanting to participate in a group.
  • Mark your calendars for our Community Group leader training Sunday, September 24, 1–2:30 pm, G202, Geneva Hall.

What do you need?

  • Every group member is encouraged to pick up a “Life Together” study guide and to purchase a copy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. Beginning September 3, these materials will be available Sundays after services on the Pathway and throughout the week at Reception. Click here to download a "Life Together" study guide.

For more information, please contact Michelle Vecchio-Lyzenga, Director for Community Life, at  or (510) 280-6120.