The Dream Project 2018

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Over many generations, the First Pres community has witnessed God’s plan unfold on this corner and throughout the world. It has never been easy to clearly discern God’s plan for us, and today the noise from our rapidly changing world can make hearing God even more challenging.

The "Dream Team" has formed to explore the ministry vision for First Pres. Through prayer, study and active listening for God’s unfolding plan, the goal is to capture what God is inviting us to become in a few simple and clear sentences. To help in this process, there will be opportunities for the congregation to participate and give input. The Dream Team is praying, studying scripture and books, and being immersed in the new Mission Study Report, our current mission and vision statements, and other documents.  One of the books we are reading is The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church by Reggie McNeal. The team seeks the congregation’s input as we will discern and articulate a new vision for First Pres. Once a new vision is adopted by Session, it will be a guide in the process of calling a new Senior Pastor.

October 26, 2018 Update | Dreaming in October!

Since we started our process, there have been several large group gatherings to dream together. We have had great participation and lots of learning. We met with ECs, small groups, staff, Elders, and Deacons. Contact us now if you and your ministry group would like us to come and lead the hour-long dream process. We have one more large group time scheduled before we begin our discernment process in early November: If you missed the opportunities to participate in a Dream Project meeting, please click here to give input by completing our survey by November 4, 2018.

Thank you for Dreaming With Us!

Continue to pray for clarity and confidence as God's plan for First Pres is revealed through our work. Email us at


The Dream Team,

Michael Barram
Charlene Chong, Elder
Karen Erickson, Chair
Chuck Fry, Mission Study Team Co-chair
Kathryn Hoffman
Nicole Reeder Korolyk, Elder
Mike Martinez
Jenna Mowat
Ruth Traylor
Steve Schibsted, Interim Senior Pastor
Vicki Stairs, Elder