Around the world, and especially in Africa and Asia, the Body of Christ is HIV+. Thousands are stricken; thousands more are orphaned or widowed because of HIV/AIDS. Outside the Church, many thousands more suffer. The heart of God breaks over such pain. What does it mean to know the heart of God in the midst of the crisis? What are the medical, social, and spiritual questions to ask as we seek to respond? Hear remarkable brothers and sisters in Christ from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East bear witness to the presence of God in the midst of the crisis that is HIV/AIDS. We invite you to join us as we discover together how to more faithfully serve Jesus Christ in a world suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Audio files for the 2007 Global Church Conference are available here, as well as other conference resources. To listen to a recording streamed on the First Pres website, click "Listen". To download a recording, right-click "mp3" (click-and-hold for a single-button mouse) and choose the "Save As" option. You can also order a CD recording of any part of the conference; contact Patti Nicolson at (510) 848-6252 ext. 243 or for more details.

Conference program
A Christian Guide to HIV/AIDS (provided by Dr. Ehab El-Kharrat)
Ways to respond to the GCC

Plenary Sessions

Session 1
Fri 7 PM
Stella Kasirye
"HIV/AIDS and the Church: The Opportunity in the Crisis"
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Session 2
Fri 8:45 PM
Pax Tan Chiow Lian
"To and With the Least, the Lost and the Last"
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Session 3
Sat 9 AM
Philippa Musoke
"Children Infected and Affected by HIV Infection in Africa: Where is the Light?"
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Session 4
Sat 10:45 AM
Ehab El-Kharrat
"Compassion in Action: The Heart of God towards Arab People Living with HIV"
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Session 5
Sat 1:30 PM
Mathew Santosh Thomas
"God as Creator and the Creator's Heart"
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Seminar 1 Stella Kasirye
"Seeing with New Eyes, Hearing Differently, Responding from a Broken Heart: Taking a Critical Look at the Faces of HIV/AIDS in Africa"
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Seminar 2 Pax Tan Chiow Lian
"From the Wok into the Fire"
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Seminar 3
Philippa Musoke
"Growing up HIV Infected: Does God have a Plan for my Life?"
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Seminar 4 Mathew Santosh Thomas
"HIV in India: Reflections on Contributing Factors"
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Panel Discussion

Sat 7-9 PM Panel Discussion/Q&A Listen mp3

Sunday Services

Sun 9 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Stella Kasirye Listen mp3
Sun 9 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Mathew Santosh Thomas Listen mp3
Sun 10:45 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Pax Tan Chiow Lian Listen mp3
Sun 10:45 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Philippa Musoke Listen mp3
Sun 5:05 PM Concluding Service – Stella Kasirye preaching Listen mp3