Ordering from the Gift World Catalog

Gift World

There are two ways to order gifts from the Gift World Catalog: visit the Gift World Table on Sundays or order online. We welcome your orders through December 9 in person and December 12 online in order to ensure delivery before Christmas.

  • online (PayPal/credit card): Follow the steps below to make a secure online order. To receive your cards before Christmas, online orders must be submitted by December 12. These can be picked up on the Pathway December 16 or at Reception on December 17.
  • in person (cash/check/charge): Bring your completed order form along with payment to the Gift World table on the Pathway on Sundays, November 18,25, December 2 or 9.

STEP 1: Choose Your Shipping Option

If you would like to pick up your cards at First Pres, skip STEP 1. Shipping within the continental US is a flat-rate $3 per order; please click the button only once, regardless of the number of cards ordered. 

Flat-Rate Standard Shipping ($3)
Please enter your name and address below (including city, state, and ZIP) before clicking "Add to Cart":

STEP 2: Select from the Gift List

Browse and order gifts in the categories below. Click the button next to the gifts you wish to order; you can indicate quantities from within the shopping cart.

Economic Development 
Health and Medical
Refugees & the Displaced

Economic Development

Habitat for Humanity East Bay ($15)
$15 provides a 15 lb. box of nails to build a Habitat partner family's home.

International Rescue Committee (IRC) ($10)
$10 provides one month of internet access to a refugee for job hunting and training.

Opportunity International ($25)
$25 will become $150 over five years as loans are repaid and recycled.

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Congo Initiative ($2)
$2 will allow a student to attend the Women's Voices leadership conference.

Faith Network of the East Bay ($5)
$5 provides a Dr.Seuss book for reading clinic students to build their skills and enjoy the experience of reading!

Oakland International High School (OIHS) ($2)
$2 provides a round-trip bus ticket for students to attend field trips and extracurricular activities. 

Oakland International High School (OIHS) ($20)
$20 provides students with a month-long bus pass, an incentive for regular participation in after-school programming.

Roblealto Child Care Association ($6)
$6 provides High interest-Low level reading books.

Roblealto Child Care Association ($12)  
$12 provides Language Arts and Math Manipulatives.

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Heath & Medical

Free Burma Rangers  ($25)
$25 covers a share of the cost of a medical unit able to treat up to 500 people.

Oasis Africa  ($6)
$6 will buy a library book or textbook for the Mashaka children.

Project Mercy ($25)
$25 goes toward one pregnant woman's care at the "Lie-in-Wait" home while awaiting the birth of their baby at Project Mercy's hospital.

$10 will purchase a complete blood count for a patient.

$20 will provide a comprehensive test of organ function.

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Refugees & the Displaced

Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP) ($15)
$15 provides a person in one of the BFHP residential programs with a gift bag containing essential items and holiday treats.

Cityteam—Oakland ($15)
$15 provides one Blessing Kit containing hygiene items and words of encouragement to a struggling homeless woman in the Oakland area.

First Pres Street Meal ($4)
$4 provides a hot, nourishing meal and a welcoming hand to someone in need, right here at home.

Harbor House ($10) 
$10 provides an afternoon of quality after-school care to one participating student.

Youth Engagement Advocacy Housing (YEAH!) ($25)
$25 provides a person in YEAH!'s shelter program with one week of nutritious warm meals.

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International Justice Mission (IJM) ($20)
$20 provides an aftercare package to a rescued child survior of cybersex trafficking.

Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth (MISSSEY) ($15)
$15 provides a local child sex trafficking victim with a stipend for participation in a STAR Center group.

New Life Center Foundation (NLCF) ($7)
$7 provides personal hygiene products for one resident of New Life Center.

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