Rising Above Circumstances: The Book of Philippians

Rising Above Circumstances: The Book of Philippians

We all experience difficulties in life. What is different for each of us is how we handle those difficulties. In the book of Philippians, we see the Apostle Paul rise above some very difficult circumstances. He is writing from prison. He is facing the possibility of execution. He is nearing the end of his life. The churches he planted throughout the Mediterranean region are facing external stress from false teachers who are presenting a false gospel. These same churches are also experiencing internal dissension. And yet, Paul’s letter to the church of Philippi is permeated with joy from start to finish. Although he has many reasons to be anxious, Paul writes about a peace and contentment that is not at all dependent on circumstances.

Is it possible for us to have such joy and peace in our lives? Join us each week as we learn Paul’s secrets of rising above circumstances.

Community Group Study Guide: There is a Rising Above Consequences study guide designed for groups or individuals, please download Week Three: Shining as Stars.

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Date Sermon Title/Passage
July 9
Rev. Dr. Steve Schibsted
God Doesn't Quit
Philippians 1:1–6
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July 16
Rev. Dr. Steve Schibsted
When Everything Goes Wrong
Philippians 1:12–26
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July 23
Rev. Dr. Steve Schibsted
Shining As Stars
Philippians 2:12–18
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July 30
Calvin Sodestrom
Will Grow Strangely Dim
Philippians 3:1–11
August 6
Rev. Mark Stryker
Pressing On
Philippians 3:12–16
August 13
Rev. Dr. Steve Schibsted
An Alternative to Anxiety
Philippians 4:4–7
August 20
Ryan Pemberton
A Very Valuable Secret
Philippians 4:10–13