The Upside Down Kingdom & The Wonder of Worship

Ephesians: The New Community

We are made for intimacy with God, to have our deepest desires and yearnings fulfilled in a relationship with The One who has created us. In other words, we are all searching for God. In the person of Jesus Christ, we find the God we are all looking for. 

We invite you to follow along in our current sermon series by reading the scripture texts before or after each Sunday. Sermons are archived in our Audio Library, and you can also listen to or download the podcast for each week's complete services (available through the following week). 

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Date Scripture Passage
May 19 The Power of Grace
Luke 19:1-9
May 26
ACC Weekend
One Service at 10 am
Luke 24:28-35
June 2
Communion Sunday
Sermon on:
Psalm 95:1-7; Kings 19:9-12
June 9
Sermon on:
Psalm 73
June 16

Sermon on:
Psalm 100
June 23

Sermon on:
Isaiah 6:1-8
June 30

Sermon on:
Romans 12:1-2