Good to Grow


Stewardship 2017

This year, Stewardship at First Pres includes a Stewardship pledge drive for 2018 budget planning—in addition to the annual year-end giving appeal to meet our 2017 giving target.

Good to Grow Stewardship Pledge Drive: We are pleased with the congregation’s response to the Stewardship Pledge Drive and thank all who have already committed pledges for 2018. If you have not yet pledged, it is not too late to pledge for 2018. If you would like to participate, please complete a pledge card found in the pews and return it to the Reception desk (or by mail), or pledge online. See below for more information. Help us finish the pledging process, as your support is important for 2018 budget planning!

Year-End Giving: Thanks to your generosity, we are in a better financial position compared to the past two years. Click here for more information about the status of our year-end giving.

For more information, contact Stewardship Chair Paul Davis at, or Sue Burger at or (510) 848-6242, ext. 224.


Pledge Commitment Sunday November 19, 2017

November 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday, November 19 is our Good to Grow Stewardship Pledge Sunday!

As I have said in a number of sermons during The 3Gs: Grace, Gratitude, Generosity series, we are at our best when we are a grateful and generous people. My hope and prayer during this sermon series is that we would all realize how generous God has been to us. God has been extravagant in giving us all things, but especially the new life we have in his son Jesus Christ.

We see signs that we are Good to Grow in the new energy in worship, increased attendance on Sundays, and newcomers to our ministries for families, university, and young adults. Our Staff and Elders are excited to work on three key initiatives for 2018 to reinvigorate worship, create ministries for connecting and belonging, and motivate and equip to be outward facing.

On Stewardship Pledge Sunday, we will focus on expressing our gratitude to God. I encourage you to attend this important Sunday in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. We will have one worship service at 11 am (this is also in part to avoid traffic disruptions as the Berkeley Half Marathon is earlier that day).

As part of this special Sunday, we will all have an opportunity to make an estimate of giving as our financial commitment for 2018. I ask that you pray and come prepared to pledge. A simple, easy-to-understand pledge card will be distributed at the service for you to complete to commit your support through financial gifts, time and talents, and prayer.

This dedication of our financial commitment is a very tangible opportunity to thank God for the amazing church family he has given us, express our commitment to him, and dedicate our investment in the ministries of First Pres Berkeley. Our focus is, and will continue to be, thanking God for his constant faithfulness to us. This is one of my favorite Sundays in the life of the church!

It will be a great way to start a week of giving thanks. See you on Sunday at 11 am!

With joy,

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Steve Schibsted
Interim Senior Pastor

October 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

    This fall we have been exploring The 3Gs: Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity. As I worked on these messages, the overwhelming feeling I have experienced is gratitude. God is so generous and has given all of us so much for which to be thankful. I hope these messages have also reminded you of God’s amazing love for us.

    One of the great gifts he has given each of us is First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. For many of you the church has been important in your life for many years. First Pres has been a source of spiritual growth and comfort, a place to serve and use your gifts. It has been a spiritual home for your kids to establish a foundation of faith. For all these and many other reasons, we are thankful for the gift of First Pres in our lives

   Please read the enclosed brochure, “Good to Grow,” for background on how your church leaders and staff have identified three key initiatives for 2018, including:reinvigorate worship; create ministries for connecting and belonging; and motivate and equip to be outward facing.

   We are now seeing new signs of life in our church. New families are getting involved on almost a weekly basis. The staff has been re-energized and is excited about future ministry. There is a new energy in our worship services and attendance is no longer declining but increasing. It is clear that we are Good to Grow.

In order to move us forward and implement these initiatives, we are asking you to prayerfully consider the following:

  • If you are currently giving on a consistent basis, will you consider pledging and increasing your giving?
  • If you are not currently giving on a consistent basis, will you consider beginning the discipline of pledging and giving on a consistent basis for this coming year? 
  • If God has blessed you financially with the resources to give a special one-time gift over and above your pledge, will you prayerfully consider doing so? 

I invite you to participate in the grace of giving by generously committing your financial resources to the work of Jesus Christ through the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. On Sunday, November 19, we will have one all-church worship service at 11 am. During the service you will have an opportunity to make your financial commitment to Christ and First Pres for 2018.

I am confident that great years are ahead for First Pres. Please consider how you
can be a part of the new thing God is doing at our church. 

On behalf of the Board of Elders and with gratitude in being your pastor,

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