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May 27–June 2

Memorial Day weekend is here and many in our church family will be at the All Church Conference at Mount Hermon. For those in the Bay Area on Sunday, May 27, we will have one 10 am worship service in Berkeley. Our Summer Colloquium begins Sunday, June 3 at 10:15 am.

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No lunch at The Table... on Sunday, May 27. Lunch will resume on Sunday, June 3.

Sunday, May 27
8:30am–1:30 pm All Church Conference Mount Hermon
10 am Worship Service Sanctuary 
Monday, May 28

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY Church Offices Closed
Tuesday, May 29
8 am Weekly Communion Sanctuary
8:30 am Lectio Prayer Mears, Westminster Hall
6 pm Men's Acts of the Apostles G209, Geneva Hall
Wednesday, May 30
10:30 am Weekly Prayer
G201, Geneva Hall
Thursday, May 31
6:45–8:45 pm  Coping with Emotions-BCC*  M310, McKinley Hall
7–9 pm Rooted/Marked Youth Program McKinley Hall
7:30–9:30 pm  Chancel Choir Rehearsal  Choir Room
Friday, June 1
9:30–11 am
Women's Bible Study G213, Geneva Hall
Saturday, June 2
9 am–12 pm Project Peace Day of Service Various Locations
11 am
Robert J. Breuer Memorial
Mears, Westminster Hall
5 pm
8th Grade Grad Event
McKinley Hall

*Requires advance registration.
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