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June 25–July 1, 2017

This week we welcome our new Interim Senior Pastor Steve Schibsted, who will preach this Sunday, June 25 as we worship at 9 and 11:30 am. Our Summer Colloquium: Reformed & Reforming concludes during Middle Hour. Sunday's topic is Mission & Justice—Democratic Republic of (DR) Congo Past and Present. We are delighted to have Rev. Paul Tshihamba, Vice President for Church Engagement, Congo Initiative USA (First Pres Mission Partner) as our speaker. The High School Team left on Friday, June 23 for their mission trip in Mexico. Please pray for their safety, health, and may they see God's presence as they work with the children and families at Cedros del Sinai, Ensenada.

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Sunday, June 25
8:30 am–2 pm Annual Church Library Book Sale Mears, Westminster Hall
9 and 11:30 am    Worship Services Sanctuary
10:15–11:15 am Children's Middle Hour Programming W204, Westminster Hall
10:15–11:15 am Mission & Justice—Democratic Republic of (DR) Congo Past and Present Westminster Gym
11:30 am–1:15 pm Lunch at The Table... Gym, John Knox, and Courtyard
10:15–11:15 am Welcome Pastor Steve and Leslie Schibsted John Knox, Westminster Hall
Monday, June 26
Tuesday, June 27
8 am    Weekly Communion Sanctuary
6–9 pm Suitcase Clinic Gym, Westminster Hall
7–9 pm Men's Acts of the Apostles G209, Geneva Hall
Wednesday, June 28
10:30 am
Pray for First Pres
G201, Geneva Hall
6 pm University Summer FoCUS 2423 Haste Street
Thursday, June 29
Friday, June 30
9:30–11 am Summer Women's Bible Study G209, Geneva Hall
Saturday, July 1
High School Mexico Mission Trip Returns Channing Way

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