Year-End Giving: January 2019 Update

Dear Friends,

Year-End Giving

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December 19 letter from Steve Schibsted

We are so thankful for your faithful generosity and contributions to support First Pres ministries during 2018. Thank You!

While 2018 year-over-year giving tracked ahead of 2017 through October, decreased November gifts put us behind last year as we entered the Advent season. At the end of 2018, we needed $1,500,000 to reach our November-December giving target. In past years we faced and reached financial hurdles of this size, and we felt confident about doing it once again.

Our progress as of December 26, 2018: 

November & December giving target:    $1,500,000
Received through December 26, 2018: $939,500
Needed by December 31, 2018:  $560,500

In early January, we are still calculating the 2018 giving total, including year-end PayPal gifts and receiving contributions postmarked before or on December 31, 2018. We will give a final report on giving and expenses after we close the 2018 fiscal year. Final income and expense numbers will be published in our 2018 Annual Report, which will be available in mid-February in advance of the Annual Meeting in March 2019. 

In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Stewardship Chair Paul Davis at or Sue Burger at (510) 280-6124 or

Stewardship Department

Paul Davis, Chair and Elder 
Barbara Buder
Sue Burger, Executive Director for Operations
Sherry Carson 
Jason Draut 
Bill Lambert, Treasurer 
Jamie McClave 
Steve Schibsted, Interim Senior Pastor
James Watt, Elder