I Am the Light of the World

Rev. Erik Hanson preaches on John 8:12.

I Am the Bread of Life

Rev. Tim Shaw begins the Lenten sermon series by preaching on John 6:25-40.

I Don't Have a Book on That

Rev. Josh McPaul preaches the final sermon in the series. Based on Romans 5:6-8

Jesus vs. the Rest of the World (Including You)

Rev. Josh McPaul preaches on Philippians 3:4b-16.

"Your Only Son, Whom You Love"

Rev. Joshua McPaul preaches on Genesis 22:1-14.

The Hazards of Seminary and the Loving Call of Jesus

Rev. Mark Stryker preaches the fourth sermon in the series “The Trouble With Christianity.” Based on John 21:15-22.

Riding the Wind

Rev. Tim Shaw preaches on Job 30:16-31, with a reading from John 19:1-16.

Peirasmos Moments: Tests, Temptations, and Trust

Rev. Tim Shaw preaches on Matthew 6:5-13

The Art of Questioning God

Rev. Tim Shaw preaches the first sermon in the series “The Trouble With Christianity”. Based on Exodus 33:12-23.